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Exam Free and Off To Tea at The Delaunay

I’ve tried not to be too quiet over the past 6 months, but I’ve been studying for some exams and last week, I finally finsished! To celebrate, Angie had booked us an Austrian inspired afternoon tea at The Delaunay.

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-1

The Delaunay is an Austrian inspired restaurant, and we were both excited to try a slightly different tea in celebration not only of the end of exams but also of Afternoon Tea Week.  As soon as I sat down at our table I noticed the gorgeous, engraved sugar dishes that reminded me of where I was.
Delaunay Afternoon Tea-2

Which was more than necessary since I’d had my final exam that morning that I frankly could have been anywhere!

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-3

Fortunately, Angie and I happen to know a cure for that kind of issue – champagne!

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-4

Cheers were said and I expressed just how relieved I was to have finished my exams forever (I hope!)

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-5

As soon as we sat down we started chatting about our upcoming trips; for me Paris, South Downs and Cornwall and for Angie, Rioja, Venice, Oxford and Kenya. I loved the sound of all of her itineraries and can’t wait to hear all about them on her blog and the next time that we catch up!

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-6

As we were chatting, our kind waitress brought out tea stands over and started to explain all of the different savoury treats…

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-7

… and sweet delights!

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-8

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-10

The restaurant itself feels like a very traditional Viennese cafe; full of beautiful wooden panels, leather seats and afternoon tea served on beautiful silverware – making sure to hide the best sweet treats under a perfect dome!

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-11

As always, we started with the sandwiches, which were wonderful. I particularly loved how the smoked salmon and smoked aubergine sandwiches were served tartine style as open sandwiches on rye bread, allowing us to feel just a little bit healthier! Our love for the smoked salmon was clear (I was, after all having tea with Mrs SalmonSpoon!) and we were kindly brought extra to enjoy.

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-17

I’m a bit of a cream cheese addict… Actually, I’m a cheese addict… Which meant that I loved the cream cheese puff, which flaked just like a cheese twist but with the extra, soft indulgence of cream cheese. Angie, however, preferred the smoked duck offering.

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-19

In among talking of holiday plans and discussing new London goings on (aka everything I’ve missed out by studying!) we’d managed finish the savoury options and it was time to taste the sweets! By this point I think I was finally beginning to relax, happy in the company of one of my favourite friends. There was no one else I would rather have celebrated with at that point!

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-20

But enough of me being emotional, there’s cake to discuss! On the sweet tray there was an orange blossom and rose water Battenberg with Apricot jam, a mini baked vanilla cheesecake with lingonberry jam on a pastry disc. and a chocolate torte with mint cream, mint syrup and a perfect treble clef to remind you of Austria’s rich musical heritage.

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-21

I adored the cheesecake, and have to admit to eating more than my fair share…

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-22

The little jam tart was bursting full of cinnamon and reminded me of Christmases spent on Austrian ski slopes and the carrot cake of mum’s treats at home!

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-23

It was time to reach for the top of the tea tray and for the surprises that hid beneath the silver dome.

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-25

Traditional British scones as well as traditioanl Austria poppy seed gugelhupf. I’d never had gugelhupf before but I loved the slight crunch of the poppy seeds and the fresh taste of the pear which was layered throughout.

Delaunay Afternoon Tea-26

I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration after my exams; it’s an afternoon tea that I’ll always remember and that I’m so thankful to Angie for organising.  After tea it was back to see other recently free friends for some wine, before onto yet more celebrations with Andy.

The Delaunay
55 Aldwych

Our afternoon tea was complimentary, but all exam celebrations are my own!

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