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Trae Young really got ejected for *staring* at Kris Dunn

Wow. This one’s just wow.

Trae Young didn’t touch anybody. He didn’t say any words or make any obscene gestures. But when Young stared at Kris Dunn’s back after drilling a three in Atlanta’s matchup against Chicago on Sunday, well, that was enough to get the Hawks star ejected.

Oh, I’m dead serious.

Young and Dunn had received double technical fouls earlier in the game. The two point guards were going at each other all day. But was this really enough to be tossed from a game?


This is a lot like when Rasheed Wallace got ejected from a game for looking at a referee the wrong way. Only, Sheed looked like he wanted to strangle the official the instant he looked away. Young, was just looking at Dunn’s back, like, “Yeah, take that 3.”

It’s also reminiscent of that one time Joey Crawford ejected Tim Duncan for laughing from the bench.

The official gave an explanation, but it’s a little wishy-washy

Kevin Cutler was the referee who gave Young his second technical foul, and he told Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce he T’d young up for “just talking.” Young says he didn’t say a word to Dunn, and Pierce used the word “bothersome” to explain how Cutler could call a technical foul if Young didn’t say anything malicious.

Even Dunn himself was beside himself at the technical foul.

This was one of the more questionable technical fouls we’ll see this year. The Hawks went on to win this game by five even though Young got tossed in the third quarter. Cutler, though, should have to answer for this one.

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