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MBTI® of Stranger Things Characters

Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things might be a nostalgic exploration of 80s pop culture, but it’s also a deep dive into some incredible characters, each with their own unique personalities. There are “Adventurers” as well as “Advocates,” and with each season comes even more fresh faces with their own personalities to explore.

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From ESFP Steve Harrington’s fabulous hair that completes his “Entertainer” image to ISTP Max Mayfield’s wicked “Virtuoso” skateboarder skills, there is an MBTI® for nearly every fan to relate to in the show, even if some, like poor, positive ENFP “Entertainer” Bob, get left behind.

10 Eleven: ISFP

As “the Adventurer,” ISFP Eleven is all about exploring the world she never got to know as a little girl. Unpredictable and prone to risky behavior, Eleven doesn’t take criticism well and can rage like no one else in Hawkins. Connecting with the people she cares about is of the utmost importance to her, but she certainly doesn’t want to be locked away like Hopper’s kept her.

While Eleven’s ego can get the best of her, like the time she tripped Max, she’s generally selfless and uses her powers to protect others even when it hurts her. Following the events of season two, Eleven’s real name is now Jane Hopper, so we’ll find out if she goes by Jane or Eleven in season three.

9 Mike Wheeler: INFJ

Mike is “the Advocate,” or an INFJ. While the rest of his buddies think Eleven’s a weirdo, Mike truly wants to help her out. He actively strives to improve her life, feeding her and protecting her to ensure she’s safe. He does the same with his friends, even risking his own demise to save Dustin from the “mouthbreather” bullies. He also wholeheartedly believes that Will is alive and wants to find him.

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Mike might be an introvert who acts according to his feelings, but he’s also got some strong opinions and is unafraid of standing up for what he believes is right.

8 Lucas Sinclair: ESTJ

Half of the Stranger Things quartet is made up of extroverts, one of whom is Lucas. Lucas is “the Executive,” or an ESTJ. He is a good leader and he wants to maintain order in their group, which leaves him questioning just who Eleven is and why they should help her in the first season. As a judger, he needs his world to be planned, and he’s very responsible, which is why he wants the adults to handle a homeless child, as they should.

When Lucas goes off on his own to find Will, he doesn’t do so impetuously but after really thinking it through logically. Once he’s processed the clues, he’s all in, with or without everyone else.

7 Joyce Byers: ISFJ

As “the Defender,” or an ISFJ, Joyce is all about protecting the people she loves. An introvert, Joyce only has a handful of these people in her life, but that only makes her that much more of a fierce protector of her family. She’s sharp and can see things that most can’t, but she’s also sensitive, making her an ideal parent.

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Being an ISFJ made Joyce more prone to believe in the Upside Down because she welcomes new ideas, even if she’s more traditional in other ways. Like other Defenders, Joyce takes her job as a parent as well as her work outside the home very seriously. Everything is personal to her.

6 Dustin Henderson: ENTP

Dustin is the other extrovert among the boys in Hawkins’ AV Club. Dustin’s intuitive nature makes him an ENTP, or “the Debater.” He’s the one who thinks it’s a great idea to keep a demodog as a pet and unfortunately for him, that means the loss of the family cat. Dustin has a quick wit and is eager to argue his point of view, which can be irritating with some ENTPs, but for him, it only adds to his charm.

Dustin’s demand to have doors of knowledge opened for him makes him a classic ENTP since they want to learn all of the time. Debaters are also great at being the underdog who overcomes the odds, and Dustin has always managed to do that.

5 Barbara Holland: ISFJ

Even though Barb is gone, she’s definitely not forgotten, and as she’s become something of a cult favorite among fans, she deserves to be included in any mention of Stranger Things. Like Joyce Byers, Barb is an ISFJ, “the Defender,” and while we don’t have to look any further than Steve’s pool party to assess why, Barb always exudes this energy. Barb’s reserved style and introverted nature might make her seem dull to some, but those who know her understand that she’s funny, smart and will always put the people she loves first.

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She is all about being the best friend anyone could ask for, and more than many deserve. Barb’s life is lost in the process of defending her loved one and Nancy is forever changed because of it.

4 Nancy Wheeler: ESFJ

Nancy and Barb’s compatibility is very high, which is why they were such good friends. As an ESFJ, or “the Consul,” Nancy is Barb’s match. Their only difference is in what energizes them best, since Nancy enjoys parties and socializing with more people. Nancy is more popular than her BFF and really enjoys attention. She loves picking out clothes to wear and focuses on practical things in her life, like studying, before she becomes a monster slayer.

Nancy’s ESFJ personality is the very thing that makes her claim that she and Steve are innocent during their time alone together: she thinks that traditional rules and ethics are important and doesn’t want to be seen as something other than a “good girl” in the eyes of authority figures.

3 Jonathan Byers: INFP

Is Jonathan and Nancy’s relationship doomed? According to their personalities, it might be, since inventive Jonathan’s an INFP, “the Logician,” and almost Nancy’s complete opposite. While some opposites can attract, Jonathan is all about groundbreaking music and intellectual ideas, while Nancy’s much more mainstream, and Nancy’s need for warmth might not be fulfilled by an INFP, since the personality often comes off as cold.

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Still, they’ve made a great pair so far for the most part. Jonathan’s creativity and intellect are hard to not enjoy, except when he’s taking pictures through people’s windows, and his tendency to keep most of his thoughts private keeps him interesting.

2 Will Byers: INFP

Like his mother and brother, Will Byers is an introvert. As an INFP, “the Mediator,” Will was able to survive because he is the kind of person who constantly searches for a way to improve his situation. He will always try to find the good, which is why he was able to communicate with his mother even when hiding in the Upside Down.

Will seems shy to those who don’t know him, and he’s often misunderstood. To his friends and family, his inner passion for his interests, from art to science and RPG, is obvious. Having a few close friends who share those interests is everything to Will.

1 Jim Hopper: ISTP

It should come as no surprise that Jim Hopper is an ISTP, “the Virtuoso.” To him, mornings are for coffee and contemplation, as the ISTP takes time to process information internally. Confident and practical, Hopper is the only police officer curious enough to really troubleshoot Will’s disappearance and push further to find out what happened.

Hopper learns as he goes and while it might not seem like he’s using “tools” to get the job done, every time he pretends to be someone else, totally wings it to explore the Upside Down and takes on Eleven as his child, he’s exhibiting pure Virtuoso behavior.

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