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Mythical Final Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg Has Been Partially Discovered

One Marvel Cinematic Universe fan is finally on his way to finding the final Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg. It’s been five years since James Gunn made the announcement and now the mystery has been “partially” solved, according to the director. Gunn has not given clues over the years, but in 2017, he did reveal that some fans had gotten close, but never uncovered the entire thing. In order for Gunn to make the confirmation, the whole thing needs to be uncovered.

James Gunn has shot down multiple theories about the final Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg, but he is now confirming YouTuber MasterTainent is on the right track. He says, “It’s been partially discovered. Partially correctly and partially incorrectly. You know who you are.” MasterTainment, aka MT, commented on Gunn’s post, declaring he’s not finished with his detective work yet, to which the director replied with an enthusiastic emoji. As for the partial uncovering, it’s a bit on the lengthy side.

For a short synopsis, MT says, “Short Version: The Easter Egg is the identity and Celestial nature of Peter’s father (and grandfather) well before GOGTGv2.” In June of this year, he discovered that the coordinates for Knowhere could be decoded to read either “Meredith Quill BD” or “Meredith Quill X,” which could be directly connected to Peter Quill’s dad. “Taking those as BD = baby daddy or X = ex (whichever one you find less ridiculous),” states the theory and then goes on to say “Knowhere -the head of a celestial- is connected to Meredith Quill and her son’s father.” In addition, The Dark Aster’s coordinates are loosely decoded to reveal “this is mom’s cancer,” giving fans some Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 information secretly hidden within the first installment. MT recently discovered the word “Astor” is a term in cellular biology, which is, “a star-shaped structure formed during cell reproduction.”

MT reveals that if you add something “dark” to “Astor,” it could nod to Ego giving Peter Quill’s mother cancer. The theory goes even further, adding Eson into the equation and revealing there is more than one in Marvel Comics. The other Eson is J’Son’s father who is also the father to Quill in the comics. There is a lot to unpack, but it appears MT is close to getting everything figured out, at least according to James Gunn. As for the incorrect parts of the theory, the Eson and J’Son parts might be where things start to get off track.

The final Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg may finally be fully uncovered in the next few days, depending on how fast MT is able to keep up his MCU detective skills. Regardless, his research conducted so far is full of detail and he doesn’t seem to skip a beat. With James Gunn finally giving him, and fans from around the world, some encouragement, the five-year old mystery might finally come to a close. However, will it be as satisfying as trying to figure out the mystery has been? You can check out James Gunn’s Twitter encouragement below.

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