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It’s so clichéd at this point in the critical conversation during the hot take season of festivals to say, “You’ve never seen a movie quite like X.” Such a statement has become overused to such a degree that it’s impossible to be taken seriously, like how too many major new movies are …

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UNTITLED GOOSE GAME is Coming Later This Month

Somehow, I missed the announcement of Untitled Goose Game. This is a new game from developer House House and publisher Panic and it looks so funny. In the game, you play a goose and it looks like you terrorize a local village. This is ridiculous in the best way. A …

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Pain and Glory

There’s a tender, heartbreaking scene in Pedro Almodovar’s excellent “Pain and Glory,” in which one character asks another if the pain he caused him derailed his art. The other, a famous director who knows a thing or two about physical and emotional pain, scoffs at the idea. After all, art …

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