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Raspberry ketone: Don't believe the hype

Table of Contents What is raspberry ketone and where does it come from? Clinical studies do not support popular claims The side effects of raspberry ketone Remember: Weight loss products are not a ‘miracle cure’ Instead of using raspberry ketone, try the ketogenic diet Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about raspberry …

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Males and females react differently to the same pain

It’s no secret that men and women are different. Diane Halpern, Ph.D., past president of the American Psychological Association, wrote an academic text, “Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities.” Bruce Goldman, science writer at Stanford,1 reported in the preface to the first edition that:2 “At the time, it seemed clear to …

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Regenerating New Zealand: Using nature to restore forests

Imagine a place in nature that’s thriving with life, where native plants and wildlife exist in abundance, and the crystal-clear flowing streams are clean enough to drink. Welcome to the Hinewai Nature Reserve & Wildlife Sanctuary, an ecological restoration project located in New Zealand’s Banks Peninsula that’s open for the …

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Diabetes Control Has Stalled Across U.S.

For the study, Massachusetts General Hospital researchers analyzed data on diabetes care in the United States from 2005 through 2016. The investigators found that one in four adults with diabetes was not diagnosed, and nearly one in three was not receiving appropriate care for diabetes.

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Weekly Link Love — Episode 45

Research of the Week Measles may wipe out the immune system’s memory of other pathogens. Taking growth hormone, metformin, and DHEA appears to reverse signs of aging in humans. Increased green cover lowers temperatures in dry climates, but not in wet ones. Injecting alcohol into tumors kills them. The health …

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